Care 4 All Limited

Care 4 All Limited

Whatever your service, we believe that you should expect the best from us. We train our staff to our high standards to ensure that you will be truly cared for, just as we would expect for our own family.

We like to know that you are in safe hands, which is why all of our carers are trained and inducted into the Exquisite way of doing things. We make sure that our team are trained and qualified in many aspects of care, with many of the team specialising in a few different areas. Our carers take part in our Carer Career Program, which means that they are always having their skills extended or updated to ensure that we can deliver the highest standards of care possible.

When we take on a carer we look for many qualities that include:











Passionate about care                                                                                                                                    It is important to us that you feel comfortable with your carers, so we try to match our team to your needs and preferences. If for any reason you are not comfortable with your carer you can request another carer from our team. Each of our team is equipped with a 'flight bag' that contains everything necessary for them to carry out their duties. We make sure our carers have the following to ensure your care services are carried out to a high standard:

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - Our carers have a duty to ensure your safety from infection, so they will use disposable gloves and aprons wherever necessary.

Liquid soap and Hand Sanitiser - All of our carers are trained in infection control, which means that they will clean and sanitise their hands to ensure that you are protected.

Paper towels and disposable bags - To ensure that our carers can dispose of their PPE etc. and won't leave a mess in your home.

Indoors footwear - Our carers will change out of their outside shoes when they visit your home. This means that not only do we respect your home, but also that our carers are always wearing suitable footwear to carry out their duties.

Paperwork - Part of our job is to ensure that we record and report your care, so our carers are equipped with any necessary paperwork.

A telephone - We like to make sure that our carers stay in touch with our management team, which enables them to report information immediately or ask us for information without delay.

This way of working means that our team always have everything that they need, and also that we do not clutter up your home unnecessarily. We believe that we should fit into your lifestyle and not complicate it. Our care service is flexible, which means that you can change and tailor the service as you go to better suit your needs. Whether you wish to change a time or service in any way, all you need to do is speak to your carer or telephone us to let us know your wishes. Our Personal Care Service is your service, which means that you take as much control of your care as you want. We have an experienced team that is ready to care for your needs with our Care 4 All Limited service. We have achieved the Support with Confidence Membership, indicating our commitment to our customers and our standards of quality. For more information and to arrange an appointment please contact us.