If you find yourself being lonely or would like some company, our companion service will offer you a friend to spend time with. We often think about our physical health, but our mental and emotional health is just as important. We don't just offer a service that will assist you to re-join your friends and family on outings, we offer a service that gives you a friend to do activities with. If you would like to go to the cinema ("the pictures" in old money) or perhaps go for a meal out, our companion service offers a friend to do these things with. A companion can also join in with activities at home or perhaps join in with your hobbies and interests. We hope that you will peruse our website to see the kind of services we offer and to understand the kind of company that we are. If you would like to discuss your individual requirements or have any questions not covered here, please call us on 01582 457740 or through the contact page here. 


If you find that you would like someone to accompany you when you shop, or perhaps do some shopping for you, please tell us how we can support you.

We can arrange to support you with shopping in many different ways. If you would like an assistant to support you whilst you go shopping, we can accompany you. We can also fetch shopping for you, from a weekly shop to a few bits every now and again.

We are also able to arrange for your shopping to be delivered to you from any retailer that has an online presence. If a supermarket or shop has an internet ordering facility, we can order and arrange the delivery for you. Simply tell us what you require and when you would like it and we will do the rest.


If you would like a companion to stay with you whilst your family or regular carer are away, we would be pleased to keep you company. Whether you would like someone to talk with, engage in activities or read with, we can arrange a one-off visit or a regular appointment.

All About Care 4 All about Care 4 All Home Care

Care 4 All Care is a domiciliary care and support service based in Luton Bedfordshire We supply home care services throughout a large portion of Bedfordshire , delivering a professional 'five star' quality service to our customers. Care 4 All is run by a team of highly trained and professional staff. The company is managed by a team of 3 directors and a registered qualified nurse, Miss Samsam Abdi who are passionate about delivering an excellent quality of care to their customers.

"Our mission statement defines what we want to achieve, which is the kind of customer service and level of professionalism that you would expect from any five star establishment. It is important to me that our team are able to translate our principles into their actions each and every day when they are dealing with our customers."

Mission Statement: "To deliver a service that we would be proud to offer to our own family; and which upholds the values and best principles of care and customer service."

Director of Care – Mr Rushon Mannan, Mr Ismail Hussein and Mr Musa Ahmed,

Care 4 All Ltd is determined to redefine the standard for home care, focusing on the customer experience and building a quality service from there. We believe that our passion will be evident to our customers and that good quality home care is about changing lives for the better. We are proud to be able to offer many specialised home care services that encompass a wide range of daily requirements and individual customer's needs. To us, home care is life care, and we treat it as such.