Domestic & Cleaning Services

Domestic & Cleaning Services

We pride ourselves in our Standards of Care and likewise, we pride ourselves in our Standards of Cleanliness. You can be assured that we are as thorough in our domestic services as we are in all of our services. We will use your preferred choice of cleaning materials and follow your instructions. We can also undertake the tougher jobs like moving furniture, cleaning floors, dealing with most stains, washing curtains and so on. If there is a job that you would like doing, please ask us to find out how we can help.

Whether you are looking for a housework service to keep your home clean and tidy, or someone to assist you whilst you are in recovery, we provide a safe and easy way to keep on top of those chores. Our cleaning and domestic services cover almost anything around the house you can imagine.

Our Domestic staff and Carers will ensure that the cleaning is carried out to your preferences and satisfaction, as we know how important our homes are to us.

Your domestic/cleaner will use your choice of materials and cleaning solutions, which means that your housework will be carried out to your preference. We can also support you to ensure that your cleaning materials are kept stocked-up, simply ask your domestic/cleaner to do some shopping for you.

Checks and Balances

All of our staff, no matter what they do, undergo a strict vetting process. We ensure that each member of the team is suitable for our work by carrying out the following:

Each person is checked with the Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Each person undergoes our interview process, where we will make sure that they are right for us and for you. Each person is inducted into the Care 4 All Ltd Ethos and completes a twelve week induction course. Each person agrees to operate within our Exquisite Principles, Policies and Procedures.

Each person is subject to progress reviews and appraisals.

Each person is monitored within their work.

Each person understands that you will report your feedback to us through the Customer Experience Program.