Our Domestic Service is tailored to suit your lifestyle and is personalised to you. You can have a regular cleaning service or a spring clean once every few months, it is totally up to you. Our team can offer a range of services including:


Dusting, polishing, cleaning



Furniture cleaning

Kitchen or bathroom cleaning


Washing clothes

The timing is also up to you and can even fit into your care package.


Our team can also assist you to regain your housework skills if you would like to be re-abled after a temporary setback through ill-health. We will support and assist you whilst you recover your health to a level where you can take on the chores once again. We realise that your independence is important, so we would like to help you regain it through a re-enablement program.


By using our service, you will be able to gently return to the level you wish to be at, enabling you to return to full strength whilst our team assist you to keep up with the housework. This means that you gain the support you need and also receive assistance for those things that you cannot manage yet.


It's always those odd-jobs that leave us wondering who can help, but now you know. We are able to carry out those nagging odd-jobs that need doing.

Whether you need a lightbulb changing or the battery changed in your smoke alarm, we can help. An idea of some of the things we can help with:


Battery fitting

Tightening of screws etc.

Taking down curtains for washing

Moving furniture for cleaning

Floor cleaning or scrubbing

Putting things away for storage

Cleaning of various carpet stains

Please ask us how we can help with your odd-jobs.

Exquisite Home Care 4 all, offers a holistic service, which caters for all of your requirements:

Social Care & Companionship Social Care & Companionship

Care 4 All Ltd offers a range of services that will enable our customers to regain the lifestyle that they are looking for, along with the flexibility to meet your ever changing needs. We know that our customers are individual people, each requiring a different type of service, which you will find that we understand when you speak to us. We do not supply any kind of pre-packaged services as each customer benefits from an individually tailored service that you will dictate. When you receive our service, you will be in charge, deciding what you require and how you require it.

Choosing to have help at home

The way that we choose to live is our lifestyle, often there are things that we would like to do but our physical or mental health can get in the way. That is why we offer a complete service that should cover your lifestyle needs.

Caring for people isn't just about personal care, which is why we offer a range of lifestyle services that can cater for your life needs. If you would like a companion to join in an activity with you, such as painting or reading, then we will match you with one of our friendly and caring team. If you can't manage a trip to your usual club or gathering, then why not make the trip with one of our team assisting you. We want to help you keep doing the things you love to do. Our lifestyle services are designed around your lifestyle and personalised to you, which means that you can decide how your service works.

We are constantly adding examples of our services to this page, but everyone is an individual and requires different things. So, if there is something that you require that you cannot find here, please contact us to ask how we can help you.